What type of camera and mic do you use for your videos?

  • I use a Canon DSLR (Digital Rebel T4i) which is capable of producing 1080p resolution footage. My old camera, that I used on my earlier videos (Video 81 and earlier), was a Sony Digital-8 camera and was of low resolution.
  • My video mic is a RØDE Video Mic Pro. The sound that it captures is very good and of low noise and I do not find that I need to do any post production audio editing.

What do you use to edit your videos?

  • Software: Adobe Premiere CC.
  • Hardware: Dell T3500 with a 6-core, 3.2GHz processor and 18-GBs of RAM.

What kind of lighting do you use in your shop for filming your videos?

  • I installed eight fixtures that hang from the ceiling and each hold two, four foot long, daylight balanced (6,500 K), T8 bulbs. This provides excellent down lighting that bounces around the shop. I also position a few daylight balanced (5,000 K), compact fluorescent bulbs directly on the region being filmed.

Where did you get that fat edged square that you use in a lot of your videos?

  • The square that I use is a TMX part number 2-247-008. Google'ing the part number will give you several sources for purchasing one; just look for the part number. Here's one.

I see you use your dial indicator a lot; where did you get it?

  • I have two dial indicators. My cheapest one was purchased from Woodcraft and came with a magnetic base. I use it quite often and I've been very pleased with how it performs. It's my opinion that a dial indicator with a resolution of 0.001" is more than adequate for woodworking and tool setup. These can be purchased online and are very affordable. Most woodworkers spend a considerable amount of money on tools, so investing $10-$15 on a dial indicator to set them up properly shouldn't be that big of a deal.
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