Maple Child Sized Dresser

  •    Lumber milled and ready to go.
  •    Glue up of front frame.
  •   Carcass assembled.

  • Maple plywood sides and back are installed, along with the top.  The top is made by joining five maple boards.  A few of the boards have a lot of color in in them (heartwood) and I think it is going to look nice when finished. 
  • Drawers are assembled.  At this point, I still need to work on the drawer fronts and pulls.  The pulls will be made from cherry.
  • I constructed the drawer using a screw reinforced rabbet joint.  I still need to plug the screws with cherry.
  • Finally finished!   Finished with wipe-on polyurethane.  Drawer pulls are cherry and were made using the router. 
  • Another angle.
  • Showing off the grain of the top here.
  • Close up of top drawer showing the cherry plugs and shop made cherry drawer pulls.
  • Back side of the dresser showing shop-made cove molding.  Unlike the sides which sit in a rabbet all the way around, the back panel sits against a thin strip of molding on the left and right side and a rabbet top and bottom.
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