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Sale and Address

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

I wanted to give two quick notices.

First, this Saturday, everything in the store (all plans) will be 50% off in celebration of my turning 1-year older. Use discount code bday. I did this last year and quite a few people took advantage of it.

Second, in the past a few people have asked for my address so they could mail me stuff. Well, today I finally got a PO Box. Here its is if you’re interested:

Brian Grella
P.O. Box 6718
High Point, NC 27262

And no, this isn’t a solicitation for birthday cards, but if you feel inclined, sure why not :)


45 Degree Krenov

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

I finished making my second wooden hand plane this weekend.  This time I used the correct bed angle of 45 degrees and I made a much smaller mouth opening.   A smaller mouth will help hold the fibers down better in front of the iron and help to prevent tear out.

If you’ve never made a wooden hand plane, give it a try.  My recent video release could serve as a nice resource.

Walnut again with two applications of paste wax.








Krenov Plane – Wrong Angle?

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Ok, so apparently I made a goof with my hand plane build…or did I?  My intention was to have a 45 degree bed angle (bevel down) but I ended up using the wrong angled block (see video) for the bed of the iron.  I’m calling it angle dyslexia!  I made a 62 degree plane iron bed instead of 45 degrees.  It’s not what I wanted but is it really that bad?  Higher angles are better for highly figured wood; they are less prone to tear out.  A caveat is that they are harder to push through the wood with the higher angle.  This will usually require a less aggressive cut or thinner shaving.

So, it’s not what I originally intended to make, but I think it will have its uses.

Now to make a 45 degree Krenov…