Progress and a Problem

I’m still plugging away on my horizontal mortiser. I am loosely following plans by Woodgears and it seems to be going ok.

I have finished the table and X, Y travel lever. I am going to continue to modify the lever mechanism (I don’t like what I came up with), but this one will work fine until I solve other issues. I also finished the depth of cut (is that X or Y?) positive stop.

One problem that keeps bugging me involves my X and Y bearing system described in a previous post. If I make too aggressive of a cut in hard wood, the router bit will either lower or raise slightly as it cuts. The up or down movement depends on the cut direction. The movement is coming from the X,Y tables. This is a problem that would not have occurred with a good set of ball bearing drawer guides.

I’ve tried fixing this problem by cutting a kerf in the upper portion of the rails. I then bent a metal clip into a Z and screwed it down to the table from one end and slid the kerf under the other end. This seemed to lock the table down ok, but if you pull up on the table there is still a small amount of flex.

Got any suggestions? I might need to re-visit the drawer guide method, but with a higher quality guide. Rockler sells an under drawer mount guide that might work.

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  1. Chuck says:


    X Axis: Left to right
    Y Axis: Front to back / in and out
    Z Axis: Up and down

    I think the rotational axis is considered the A axis.

    This is looking great! How about that CNC machine now? lol


  2. Howard Van Huis says:

    If You are running in some type of track, You may be loosing sideplay eith the track. The outside of the bearing flange must be slightly snug to traack straight. I may be way off, but I have seen it there before.

    • GarageWoodworks says:

      The bearings are held against the runners pretty snug. The problem is that the tables will lift up. Unfortunately the bearings don’t prevent upward movement only side-to-side. I need to try a few more things. Thanks for the input!

  3. tom moores says:

    I have thought that 2 pair of drawer slides mounted opposite to each other would give the least play, when all the way to the left one pair of slides would be fully closed and the other pair fully extended

    • GarageWoodworks says:

      That’s a good idea! If I still had the drawer guides I’d try that today. I’m going to keep this filed away. Thanks!

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