Finished the X-axis Table

I’ve finished the X-axis (left-right motion) table for my mortiser. Tomorrow I should be able to knock out the Y-axis. Not too much left and this thing will be up and running.

(Compare the picture below with the CAD design in the previous post to see where I’m going here.)

I used a 13/16″ forstner bit to sink the 1.25″ long bushings. They are held in place with a washer over the flange which is secured with a screw. One concern I have is that the wood fibers that hold the sintered brass bushings will wick out a lot of the oil. I will have to wait and see if this becomes a problem or not.

I plan on protecting the rods and bushings from saw dust by wrapping the edges with a strip of wood and maybe weather stripping? I’m not sure how to do this yet.

Thanks for looking and comments are welcomed.

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  1. GarageWoodworks says:

    I should add that I have just under 6″ of travel along the X-axis. This should be plenty.

  2. Joe Gratzl says:

    Looks good, I might give this a whirl for my shop someday.

    Regarding protecting the bushings from sawdust.

    Years ago I saw plastic bellows to cover linear bearings. If I get a chance to surf the web in the next few days I’ll see if I can find them again.

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