G & G Picture Frame

My son earned straight A’s this quarter in the third grade. It was his first time receiving letter grades and he knocked it out of the park. He received a certificate and I thought I’d make a frame for it.

I decided on Greene and Greene for the style for the frame and came up with a design. I plan on banging this out tomorrow from cherry and ebony. Comments suggestions?

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  1. Torch02 says:

    I like the general shape of the piece – especially the vertical splines. The big thing that stands out to me is the plugs:

    1) They seem a little big
    2) They are positioned a little to regularly
    3) You have them on the board with the tenon. When I think of the plugs, I usually associate them with the mortise side of the joint. They don’t have to draw-bore the joint, but they usually appear to do so.

    Also – if you added something to the lower rail, I think it would anchor the piece nicely. Maybe you could add a relief near the cloud lifts, similarly to the Gamble house sofa or rocker (pictures on pages 78 & 96 of David Mathias’s recent book, if you have it).

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