Chisel Plane Dimensions

For those that are interested the dimensions for my chisel plane are below.

(Click to enlarge images)

Although I mention that the second angle is 51 degrees in the video, it is actually 55 degrees according to my CAD.

5 Responses to “Chisel Plane Dimensions”

  1. Rod M says:

    You mentioned you had a little dificulty setting the depth of the chisel. If you put a couple pieces of paper under either end and let the chisel come to lest on the surface, then put in your wedge, you might find this helps control your depth.

    • Garagewoodworks says:

      Rod – I had a lot of trouble controlling the depth of the chisel on my first design that used a screw. On the new design that uses a wedge, it is much easier to control.

      Your tip for setting the depth sounds like a clever idea. I will definitely try this in the shop. Thank you!

  2. Rod M says:

    should be rest – not lest – that’s what I get with elephant feet on the key board.

  3. Dilfredo says:

    Hi, nice job this Chisel plane, I have seen the video and have a question: what is the chape of the wedge? thanks in advance

  4. Dilfredo says:

    sorry for my mistake, it should be shape , not chape. thanks

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