Ten (er 5?) Commandments of Woodworking

Ten commandments of woodworking? If there were such a thing
I can think of a few right off the bat that would be on most
woodworkers lists.

1) Thou shalt not stain cherry: This one I have no problems
with. I love the look of natural cherry and I like how it
ages and gets darker with time (patina). I use to cringe when
Norm would slather his stain concoction all over his newly finished
cherry master piece. But, I think I can cut him some slack
because he taught me a lot of what I know about woodworking via the

2) Thou shalt like Maloof style furniture: This one I have a problem
with. Yeah, that’s right! I said it. I can not see having a Maloof style piece in my house. It wouldn’t fit in with my style. But, do I think the furniture he produced was beautiful? Absolutely! I like how his joinery flowed from one piece into the other. It’s just that that kind of piece doesn’t appeal to me to have in my home. If I ever make a Maloof style piece it will be to see if I can, to
challenge my skills, not to own the piece. I’m glad I got that off my chest. I feel better now.


3) Thou shalt learn to make hand cut dovetails: This one is still on my to do list. I have a nice dovetail jig and I can whip off a router made one like it’s no ones business, but the hand cut dovetail still eludes me. One day I’ll learn to cut them by hand!

4) Thou shalt own at least one hand plane: It took me a couple years before I bought my first hand plane because I didn’t really understand there
place in woodworking (naive). But now that I am a more seasoned woodworker, I don’t know how I got by w/o at least one. Now I only own two, but I have my eye on a few others I’d like to get. Yeah, it can be an addiction I hear; a slippery slope.

5) Thou shalt never place drinks on the table saw: Placing a drink on my table saw is a big ‘don’t do’. :^) I think it’s hard for the non-woodworker to understand this one. I have a very faint ‘ring’ on one of my table saw wings that I received while I was away. Until tools are made from all stainless steal
(won’t ever happen), we must be constantly vigilant of the dreaded rust. Ok – there’s five. Do you have any that should be on the list? Chime in.

2 Responses to “Ten (er 5?) Commandments of Woodworking”

  1. Larry Smith says:

    Thou shalt treasure my fingers above all else.

  2. Darren Hilburn says:

    Couple of things….First off it is kind of funny. Personally I have no problems staining cherry and the drink on the table saw…..That is why I sought out a granite top saw. I have a small shop and am near the coast….I refuse to battle the cast iron top in this environment!!!

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