Bookcase for the Kids

I am about to start my largest project for the year.   It is a bookcase for one of my kids.  I will need to eventually make a second one a little later on.   Instead of making the two together, I thought it would make things a little easier for a project of this size.  The design is admittedly really simple, but this is what the boss (wifey) wants.  It will be made from cherry with solid cherry (bookmatched) panels.  The back was going to be shiplapped, but I opted for two solid panels separated by a rail instead.  I plan on shooting video of the process when possible.

The lumber was purchased today!

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  1. David Harms says:

    Looking forward to seeing some videos on this one Brian.

  2. Devin says:

    Hello Brian! This is a project that I would like to take on someday, so I will be observing this one closely. Thank you again for inspiring me to get off my hind end and begin to prepare my shop for some home projects! I was handed down my Dad’s old Delta Table saw and his Craftsman Radial Arm Saw. This is a good start, however I need so much more. Being a Tool & Die Maker for over 20 years, I love to work with my hands. With steel, you don’t get the same pride as you do with wood. I just wanted to say my wife and I really love your website! She still thinks you look like Jimmy Johnson! I hope that’s a compliment! Keep up the good work.

    • GarageWoodworks says:

      Thanks for the comment! Back when I had more hair I use to get Tom Hanks a lot to the point where people would take double-takes. Jimmy Johnson is a new one for me. 🙂


  3. Devin says:

    Hello Brian!
    Looks like you are well underway on the shelf. I’ve done some asking around where I live, and can only find One sawmill that does kiln drying. Do you purchase from a saw mill or a lumber supply store? Do you have a preference in natural air dried or kiln dried lumber? One more thing, I ran across 2 elderly machines last week. One is an old Sears Roebuck Table Saw & the other is a cast iron body 4″ Jointer (not sure of brand). Both work but are border-line antique. The owner will only sell them as a pair for $150. I really don’t need the saw, but the Jointer would be great for rough lumber.Do you think this is a wise investment? Looking forward to more on the shelf!

    • GarageWoodworks says:

      I get my lumber from TheHardwoodStore here in NC ( It’s a lumber supply store that has a really good variety of Hardwoods. The lumber there is all kiln dried. I’ve never worked with natural air dried lumber, but if I did, I would invest in a good moisture meter.

      If you have room for the saw I’d say go for it. I have two saws in my shop. On my secondary table saw I use the fence for my router table and I use the solid cast iron surface to hold my mortiser. I’ve also thought about putting a dado blade in it and leaving it there; that way I wouldn’t need to swap out blades as often on my primary saw.

      So I think you will find plenty of uses for a second saw if you have room for it (my shop is a little cramped).

      Keep in touch!

      • Devin says:

        Thanks for that link Brian! You should add that one to your “links page”. Here in TN there are some good suppliers, but mostly for Cabinet and Flooring shops. I have located a couple of Mom & Pop places, but The Hardwood store has some pretty good prices for internet buyers. The way gas is, the shipping prices are not too bad! Thanks again for the advice and the link. Now I have to convince wifey that I need two more toys!

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