Cherry Bookcase Progress

I just thought I’d give an update on my cherry bookcase project. I completed the glue up of the carcass (in two stages) and now it’s time to breathe! After a glue up I always feel a great sense of relief with all of the major components glued in place. Now I can relax and scrape and sand at my leisure.

All of the panels are resawn from 4/4 cherry and are bookmatched. The panels are raised on the inside to allow them to fit into a 1/4″ groove.

I didn’t film the glue-up because I tend to get a little flustered at times. Unfortunately I wish I did film it because it went surprisingly smooth. I did several dry runs of the back section which helped tremendously!

If you’d like to watch the video footage of the build prior to glue-up you can watch the series here.



2 Responses to “Cherry Bookcase Progress”

  1. David Harms says:

    Looking real good, Brian, enjoying the video series as well.

  2. GarageWoodworks says:

    Thanks David! It’s taking longer to complete than anticipated.

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