My Planer Knife Sharpening Pains

I recently posted about a problem I have with regard to sharpening my planer blades.   I naively thought I could circumvent this problem by elongating the holes that go over the alignment pins on the cutter head.

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So I bought a new Cobolt drill bit at the home center and attached a planer knife to a length of board with a few screws (with out the screws the knife could catch on the bit and spin like a lawn mower blade severing a few fingers).  I put a little 3 in 1 oil in the hole and proceeded to drill it out.  After about what seemed like an eternity, I stopped and noticed that only a small amount of metal had been removed by the bit.  And because I have several holes to make, I abandoned this idea.  High speed steel is harder than I thought.   So I might be forced to buy new blades when they get dull.  Thanks Dewalt!

Any suggestions? (other than buying a helical cutter head)



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  1. Jim Weisgram says:

    I don’t suppose you could file the holes… and otherwise I don’t know a way to sharpen your blades, but there are a couple of options for “better” blades from Infinity.

  2. Monte L West says:

    I have not written to you lately. I was looking at the video about sharper planner and jointner blades and resetting them. I for one get very tired doing this task. It also takes a lot of time that I would rather be building a project.
    I dislike to admit that I dislike this take this task. What I did do is change the whole cutter head to a Shelix cutter head and they are from Byrd Tool Co.. There web site is
    They are about 1/2 as loud under as the straight blades. They do a great job on figured wood like curly maple. Each has Four cutter heads, Dull one, Just unscrew and turn it one quarter turn, tighten and you are ready to go. They are made in the good old USA. The cut is a lot smother without all the little divots. Grizzly also sells some of the cutter heads sold by “Byrd”.
    I know that this not the subject. I like the shear action of the cutter heads very much and I just had to share with you.

  3. Jim Warner says:

    i believe you can get a dremmil tool with a small diameter grinding attachment to do that job for you

  4. Rick Stringer says:

    If you were going to buy a new planer (like me) witch one would you buy?
    I made your jig for scary sharp jointer blades and like sharpening all my tools. Do you have your eye on one?


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