These Woodworking Videos

My next video production will be my 100th video in my podcast series which has spanned four years.  Although ‘100’ is just another number, it’s an achievement that I’m proud of.  I started making woodworking videos with no real intention of ever producing this many, but it wasn’t long before I was hooked.  I really enjoy the video creating process, reading the responses from other woodworkers (criticism and sometimes even praise), seeing them apply what I’ve demonstrated and sometimes even making my projects.  My first video was published on YouTube in Nov of 2009 which demonstrated an alignment technique that I still use today.  While the demonstrated technique can be quite useful, the production quality of my first video was admittedly not very good.  With each new video that I’ve produced I like to think that the quality has improved over the years.  The most dramatic improvement is a result of the increased video resolution thanks to a new HD video camera which was funded, very generously, from viewers.

Throughout 2013 I’ve tried to be more consistent in the output of the videos by releasing them every Friday.  This video release schedule has created a few challenges which include coming up with new show ideas week after week.  I’ve tried to include a mix of woodworking tips and full project builds; some of which have spanned several weeks.  Recently I’ve asked viewers to submit project ideas for consideration.

I can’t honestly say how much longer I’ll have the stamina to keep the same pace or how long I’ll continue to release any at all, but I can say that so far I’ve enjoyed the journey.  Lastly and most importantly, I hope you’ve enjoyed watching these woodworking videos.


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