Troy’s TV Stand

A fan of GarageWoodworks made my TV stand that I completed last March.  The design is not the easiest design to tackle because the sides of the drawers of the piece comprise the sides of the TV stand.  If everything is not perfectly square you will have gaps where the drawers meet the side.  It looks like Troy had no problems with this and did an awesome job.

Instead of curly maple drawer fronts he used zebra wood and he states that he tweaked the dimensions a little.  If you’d like to build it too the SketchUp file is available for free download here.

You can visit Troy’s Facebook page here.




2 Responses to “Troy’s TV Stand”

  1. Jay Bates says:

    Such a rewarding feeling when others build a project you designed. And for it to turn out this great is just a bonus. Love the design. Great results by Troy.

  2. garagewoodworks says:

    Absolutely. Especially considering the scale of the project.

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