A Birdhouse from Cedar

My wife gave me the idea of making a birdhouse several days ago. After looking for inspiration online, I settled on a design and started thinking about how I wanted to present the build on video. Originally, I was going to use a more realistic looking bird, but I felt that a cartoon’ish looking bird would be funnier. I hope you enjoy watching. Want the Sketchup file? Here it is.

2 Responses to “A Birdhouse from Cedar”

  1. Bill Hall says:


    Not much on Bird Houses, but as always, l really enjoy your projects AND the instructional and jig posts. Been following you and some of the old guys from the Wood Working site from years ago.

    Keep it up !!

    B ill

  2. Kay says:

    Nice video and birdhouse! This should be a fun project with the kids over the weekend. We already did some bird feeders, so a house would be a good addition. I was glad to see the step at the end where you made the back pivot for easy cleaning.

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