When offering free plans, is a SketchUp file enough? This is the quickest and easiest way for me to give out plans, but I’m curious if this is enough for most people? I assume that, for some, it would depend on the complexity of the project, but for a table or small project is it enough?

With the SketchUp file you have access to all of the project dimensions which are critical components to any build. You can also turn the project design in three dimensions in order to fully visualize the piece.

When I offer plans for sale I always provide detailed plans along with the SketchUp file but I don’t always have the time to do this for my freebies.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. David Harms says:

    For me sketchup is fine but I’m guessing (and it’s a complete guess) that most would preferred measured drawings and scale or full size templates.


  2. Mario Marquez says:

    Learning Sketchup has been incredibly helpful in project design and visualizing projects before I build them. A well done sketchup plan has everything I need. Full size templates are helpful for certain things but not always necessary.

  3. Jay Bates says:

    I’ve learned that SketchUp is not enough. As you broaden your audience you will find that less and less people know of SketchUp. I get an email almost every day telling me that my “plans” won’t open when they are actually just SketchUp files and the user does not have SketchUp.

  4. Alan S says:

    As you are giving them away, we’re grateful for whatever you give us. Is there not a relatively straightforward way in Sketchup to generate exploded views and 2D plan views? (Haven’t had the opportunity to check yet)

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