Rasp Handles at the DP

I have a few rasps that were in need of handles. If I owned a lathe I would have quickly turned a few handles, but unfortunately I do not. I had really good luck turning drawer pulls at the drill press using a few rasps, so I thought I could use the same process to make a few handles. Because the handles are longer than the drawer pulls that I made in the past, I had to modify the process a little. I used my grinder to make a metal point for the wood to turn on at the bottom of the drill press; which should alleviate the extra force caused by the rasp. The process worked really well.


I hammered (wooden mallet) the rasp into a pre-drilled hole in the handle and unfortunately the handle cracked slightly. I wrapped the cracked region tightly with electrical tape and this seemed to work ok. When I make a second one, which I plan on filming, I will use a metal ferrule to prevent cracking; which I should have done the first time. It’s all a learning process.


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