Drill Press Lathe with Rasps

Some of you might remember when I made a drawer pull using the drill press. I got the idea from an article published by Fine Woodoworking Magazine. I thought that it might be possible to extend the idea to rasp handles, but the added length could present a few problems. Because the rasp handle is considerably longer than a drawer pull, and would add to the force exerted by the rasp, I thought that this would need to be circumvented. I came up with the idea of using a sharpened threaded rod as a drive center. When using this method, I make sure to keep the bottom of the spinning blank from contacting the wooden platform which holds the drive center.  This seemed to do the trick nicely and has opened up the drill press-rasp/lathe method to new potential.





2 Responses to “Drill Press Lathe with Rasps”

  1. Ned Dykes says:

    Great idea for latheless shops! What RPM did you find best for turning? Roughing vs. finishing? Thanks, Ned.

  2. GarageWoodworks says:

    I used 3,100 rpm for the entire process. Seemed to work best.

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