Truly Square and “Knowing”.

With regard to squaring the fence of a table saw sled, tonight I read : “The only way to know that the fence is truly square to the path of the blade is to make [test] cuts with it.

I was flipping through a back issue of a woodworking magazine when I stumbled on the above. The paraphrase is from a popular woodworking educator.  If I plonked down cash for a class where these words were uttered I’d ask for my money back.  Or at the very least roll my eyes.  😉

I’m not sure what “truly square” is or if it really exists.  Putting that aside, the passage is far from accurate and makes me a little nauseous.  It most certainly is possible to square a fence (and “know” it’s square) without even plugging in your table saw, and with extremely high accuracy.  I didn’t come up with the method of using a dial indicator to square fences, and I’m not sure who did, but the method makes the most sense to me.  It’s fast, highly accurate and requires no test cuts.

What continues to baffle me is the reluctance of the print media to present the dial indicator method, even as an alternative (I haven’t seen it published, have you?), and its lack of popularity in general (as far as I can tell).




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  1. Richard says:

    Yep its really sad that a lot of the teachers out there have forgotten to keep on learning as they teach.

    • GarageWoodworks says:

      Agreed. I’m pretty sure my woodworking skills don’t hold a candle to this particular educator, but I do wish they’d take the blinders off.

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