Joint Strength Again? Ugg.

I seem to be on a roll lately with regard to joint strength.  I hope it passes soon 🙂
I just came across this recently published video by FWW on drawboring. It was recommended to give them a try as drawboring “draws the joint together tightly”.
What’s not mentioned in the video is that pinning a mortise and tenon actually compromises joint strength, as they published previously (FWW #203).  A single pin was reported by FWW (#203) to reduce joint strength by 20%.  The author in the video used 2 pins.  I wonder what effect that would have? Can’t be good.
The only rationale I can think of for doing a drawbore is if you run out of clamps or you like the look of pins.  But if the latter, why not just use faux pins and not compromise the joint strength?

What are your thoughts?


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