Design Inspiration and Accusations

I recently commented to another YouTuber on YouTube that negative comments no longer bothered me; as if I’ve been hardened over the years.  I don’t think that’s completely true.  Every so often a negative comment will get under my skin and that happened when I read a comment this morning on my guitar stand build.

The commenter accused me of stealing my guitar stand design from another YouTuber and accused me of selling the plans.  The truth is that some of my inspiration for the guitar stand came from HERE and that I was not aware of the other YouTuber’s video in the accusation until after the build.  Furthermore, I’m not selling the plans.

(EDIT: The commenter deleted his comment as of 2/23/2015)


The likely process that lead to the accusation is as follows:

“A” gets inspired “B”

“C” gets inspired by “B”

“C” never knew that “A” made a guitar stand

“C” is accused of “stealing” from “A”

This is all really pretty silly and I feel a little silly posting this, but I had to get this off my chest.



Another purpose of this post is to bring up design inspiration and where it comes from.   Usually, when I start a new project, I will GOOGLE for the topic and look at the IMAGES of other designs.  This is the process I followed for my guitar stand.    Including design elements from others is a common theme in woodworking; I see nothing wrong with it.  The Greene brothers borrowed design features from Stickley, and I’m glad that they did.  It can lead to a design progression, as was the case (in my opinion) with the Greene brothers.

I guess that there can be a line that can be crossed; where you are not simply being inspired, but duplicating.  I don’t feel that I “duplicated” here but was inspired by the shape of the upright.  The design of my base and the shaped wooden neck holder was my own, as was the method of joining the upright to the base.

Don’t stop being inspired by others.  Be inspired and actively look for inspiration.  Aside from Google, art museums are another great place to get inspired and is a favorite of mine.

Where do you get your inspiration?






4 Responses to “Design Inspiration and Accusations”

  1. Jerill says:

    I had someone post a picture of a unique piece I built and “implied” it was his. He posted it on a forum and was seeking comments.

  2. Chris PIne says:

    I agree completely… If you or I were making something by plans and not giving credit it would be one thing but to make something that has similarities to another is almost unavoidable. Give me a break a guitar stand has been made before! A project I am working on right now I saw in a plan many years ago in wood magazine… I am taking the idea from there but I am really not following the plan. My measurements and so forth are arbitrary more than people know. 🙂 I do execute the project and yes it is like many others in some aspects but it is mine! I will mention my inspiration in this case but how many times do I not even remember the source of the inspiration? Often! I do understand about comments getting under ones skin and these people can never seem to exercise adult behavior in talking to you one on one they have to go on a comment section and exclaim to the world there righteous indignation. When in reality they are revealing how immature that they really are!


  3. Dwain says:

    I know I had made one comment about your guitar stand because I had seen one on another site within weeks of seeing yours. I certainly didn’t accuse of you stealing anything. I value the content you put out there, I just thought it was funny. I don’t know if I was the poster you were referring to, I hope not. I also don’t believe you have to source your inspiration either. We all get inspiration where we get inspiration. I’m just happy you are taking the time to put your stuff out there.

    Thanks again for your work!


    • GarageWoodworks says:

      No, I was referring to a YouTube comment that was pretty blunt and over-the-top. He deleted it after I responded to him. I saw nothing wrong with your comment.

      I appreciate the comment!


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