45 Degree Krenov

I finished making my second wooden hand plane this weekend.  This time I used the correct bed angle of 45 degrees and I made a much smaller mouth opening.   A smaller mouth will help hold the fibers down better in front of the iron and help to prevent tear out.

If you’ve never made a wooden hand plane, give it a try.  My recent video release could serve as a nice resource.

Walnut again with two applications of paste wax.









2 Responses to “45 Degree Krenov”

  1. Dwain Lambrigger says:

    Man! That walnut is beautiful! I see some uniqueness in the shape of your plane as well. Really beautiful. How about a big, bad joiner plane? Thanks for your site!

  2. GarageW00dworks says:

    Thank you. I’m tempted to build a jointer plane! I can think of a few times that would have come in handy.

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