Hall Table Finale

After a solid month of hard work my hall table is finished.  The design for the table started with a piece of paper and pencil and developed into a CAD model.  Some have asked me where the inspiration for the design came from as they could see a slight hint of Asian inspiration.  I think that a very distant inspiration for the drawer boxes came from James Krenov, who would design and build case pieces on stands.  The drawer boxes are really case pieces on a “stand” which can be viewed from any angle (mostly).

Someone in my YouTube comments on Part 5 suggested that I submit my table to Fine Woodworking magazine for publication.  I took this as a huge compliment as I hold their magazine in pretty high regard.  I think I’m going to submit it and see what happens; maybe nothing will come of it, who knows.

I really had a good time building this piece that wasn’t without its challenges.  If you’d like to build one, you can download the SketchUp file and get all of the critical dimensions needed to make your own.

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