CAUTION: The following is a jumbled mess of thoughts.

I was really blown away with the feedback I received for my Hall Table from both here and on YouTube. Thank you!

Anyone that turns on the video camera every time they make a project will agree that the camera/editing easily adds 3-4x time onto the build. But I think it’s well worth it.

Project videos generally fall into two broad categories: multi-part and single video. I think I prefer the former because I know what I will have planned for a solid month (if it requires it).

So, my next big project is going to be a bed for a guest room. I haven’t decided on a design yet; my wife and I’s bed is a copy of the Harvey Ellis (Stickley) bed. I’ve also made both my kids’ beds; one is mission style and the other a slat bed.

Sorry for rambling. I wanted to just give you a heads up on my next build. 🙂

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