Align Your Miter Saw

A couple of years ago a viewer of my podcast asked me if it was possible to align his miter saw using a dial indicator jig.  I actually never thought of doing this until he asked.  I thought up a jig that might work and sent him a quick email reply never to hear back again.

As I was building a gate for our fence with my father-in-law, he realized that my miter saw was not square.  I remembered the jig idea that I sent to that viewer and decided to finally make the jig from scrap wood.   I filmed the build and demo how to use it.  In the video I make the alignment from one contact point on the blade.  This is because there are likely to be high and low spots (0-10 thou on a decent blade) on the blade and you will drive yourself nuts aligning the fence from multiple contact points.  An alternative would be to take readings at multiple spots on the blade and average the error.  And then use the average error in the fence alignment.


A viewer on YouTube was curious why I didn’t use my smaller “fat edged square” to align my miter saw.  Well, it doesn’t fit either.  It makes contact with the blade teeth from either end of the square.  And when you rotate the blade up a little to move it out of the way, another tooth comes up from below to make contact.



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  1. Robert Lindh says:

    I would place a Parallel bar between the non-toothed portion of the blade and the square… eliminate the tooth projection problem.

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