X-Carve in my Shop!

Last January, Inventables reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their CNC machines; at the time I think it was the Shapeoko.  I was reluctant to accept their offer because I was concerned about build time and shop space.  After watching a bunch of review videos on YouTube I started to get more and more interested and thought I might be able to work around my original concerns to review.  Recently, I contacted Inventables to see if they  were still interested in having me review a CNC and they were.  They sent me an X-Carve and I spent a week or so assembling it in my woodshop.  I made a short rolling table that would allow me to store it underneath my outfeed table when not in use.



I’ve played around with the X-Carve for a few days and I’ve made one project so far and with the camera rolling.  I make the point in the video that I don’t see the X-Carve becoming a large part of how I do woodworking and I still feel this way.  I can see myself using it to make master templates that could than be used to make projects.  If the template is ever damaged, I could easily and accurately make a new template with the X-Carve.  Another use that I have planned for the X-Carve is to make shop tools and jig/fixture components like knobs and cams.  Inlay is another use I have planned for the X-Carve, but I haven’t tried this yet.

It is pretty clear by looking at the X-Carve that a lot of thought went into the design.  It’s a very impressive looking piece of machinery.  I did have some trouble with the X and Y-axis belts slipping and the X-axis pulley slipping on the motor, but I think I have these problems resolved (time will tell).  Nevertheless, I would not be surprised if Inventables continues to improve on the X-Carve.

Watch the video demo.


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