Woodworking in America

This was my second Woodworking in America (WIA) and I really had a blast.  I got a chance to meet and chat with a bunch of Garage Woodworks fans and meet other woodworking video content creators like Jay Bates, Stumpy Nubs, Drew Short, and others.

I also had the opportunity to meet Roy Underhill who was incredibly down to earth and really fun to talk to.  Like myself, he’s a North Carolinian! He has a woodworking school not far from where I live and I’m very tempted to take his classes.

I didn’t attend any classes this year at WIA, but instead chose to visit the marketplace only.  If you go to WIA visiting the marketplace is a must.  I really enjoyed walking around and drooling over all of the tools that were on display by the various vendors.  *To the vendors, sorry about the rust that came as a result of my drool!

One of the booths at the maketplace was called ‘Video Woodworkers’.  It was a hotspot for those that wanted to chat with their favorite video woodworking content creator.  One of the most awkward questions that I had to field several times from fans of my show was why I wasn’t included as a participant in the ‘Video Woodworkers’ booth.  All I could offer to this question was a shrug of the shoulders because, oddly enough, I was never asked to participate by the organizers of the booth.  While I found it odd that I wasn’t included, I quickly realized that it didn’t matter.  It was still a great place to meet and chat with fans of my show.  So, to those that paid for the booth, thank you!  I wish I could have helped out with the cost.

I’m already looking forward to next year.  If you’ve never been to a WIA you should definitely consider it.

My flight back to North Carolina leaves soon, so I need to pack!




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  1. Greg says:

    i too only went to the marketplace. I can’t believe I skipped that video tent and missed all you video guys. I was too distracted by all the toys I guess.

    Oh well. Thanks for all the videos.

  2. Shawn Stone says:

    Hey Brian! It was nice meeting you at the marketplace and Steve Ramsey’s meetup.

    P.S. I wasn’t officially part of the booth either, but had an awesome time.

    Shawn Stone
    Stone and Sons Workshop

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