Shop Stool Finished

I started on a splay legged shop stool a few weeks ago and recently finished it. The base of the stool is made from maple and the seat from cherry with an accent stripe of maple.

The top of the seat was curved by first removing the bulk of the material with a dado blade followed by using a core box bit at the router table. This process left the seat pretty rough, as expected, therefore it needed to be smoothed with sandpaper.

After posting this project on my Facebook page, a couple people asked why I didn’t shape the seat at the bandsaw instead. For some strange reason this didn’t occur to me when I was making it and I don’t know why; this made me feel a little silly. It definitely would have been a lot faster by first shaping the seat at the bandsaw. Nevertheless, I think the method I used could still be useful to those that don’t own a bandsaw. Next time!

Part 1

Part 2


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