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A few years ago I tried Woodcraft’s sharpening service for my jointer knives. They came back in really rough condition and looked like they were sharpened on asphalt. In addition to the crappy sharpening, one of the knives (of the 3) that came back was not mine. It was the right size, but not the knife I gave them and it was less wide than the other two. I should have returned it to them but I kept it.  After this I’ve sharpened all of my knives myself using this DIY jig.  Over the years I’ve wondered if the mismatched knife would cause excess wear on the jointer cutterhead bearings because of the significant difference in weight.  Well, I recently found a really great source (and cheap) for jointer knives and I had all three knives replaced; the knives are V2-HSS.  I installed them tonight and they left an ultra smooth surface which was superior to my older knives.

Here is the source if you’re interested.




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  1. Robert Brennan says:

    Woodcraft you say, Why is it I’m not surprised? I have bought a couple of sets through Global and have no complaints. I think they are a Great company and very reasonable.

    Newton, NH

  2. Christopher Suttles says:

    I have been a fan of your youtube channel for a while now but this is the 1st time I’ve ever visited your website. Love the motto. Cars live outside. Fits your channel and website perfectly.

  3. Christopher Suttles says:

    I forgot to check the boxes.

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