It’s Cold and a New Project

It’s been pretty cold here in High Point NC. In fact, it’s snowing as I type this.  And I am not a fan of woodworking with numb fingertips.  I have a propane heater, but I don’t like using it; it takes a while to reach a comfortable temperature and it’s smelly.

My wife has been asking me to make Kid-2 (Porter) a bookcase for his bedroom.  Just like cold weather, I am not a fan of making bookcases; I think they’re boring to make (my favorite piece of furniture to make – by far – are tables).  I bought the lumber (4/4 and 12/4 cherry) and I plan on starting on the build very soon – in the cold.  Just like all of my projects, I will be filming the build for you to view and criticize 🙂



One Response to “It’s Cold and a New Project”

  1. Eric R says:

    Looking forward to it.
    I am contemplating building a bookcase / TV stand piece for my bedroom.
    I hope to gain some ideas from your project.
    Stay warm over there.


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