A Modern Coat Rack

My wife asked if I would be willing to make a couple of coat racks for our two kids to go in their bedrooms. She was inspired by a few coat racks that she found on the internet. From a picture that she provided, I modified it to give it my own twist and started to think of a way to build it.

I decided on walnut and cherry for the lumber which really goes well together. The walnut ‘hangers’ and cherry front pieces were placed in a staggered formation for visual appeal. The walnut ‘hangers’ swivel on a 1/4″ metal rod.

I wanted a method to hang them on the wall that wouldn’t let the coat racks fall off the wall with use. I came up with a sliding dovetail that uses two ‘male’ dovetails which get screwed to the wall. Two access slots in a dovetailed groove on the back of the coat rack completes the hanging method. This will make more sense after you watch the video.


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