Sliding Dovetail Toggle Clamps

I recently had the idea of trying to make  a toggle clamp more versatile in the wodshop.  What I came up with was a sliding dovetail attachment that can be used with your existing toggle clamps.  So far I am pleased with how well they work in the shop. With the add-on, you can quickly move your toggle clamps from jig to jig without having to use screws to attach them.

The build video can be viewed here.  In the video I wasn’t very clear regarding the sizing of the male dovetail.  When sizing the dovetail it would be easier to remove some (~1/2” or so) of the side supports so that you can test fit the male dovetail in the dovetail channel. And if it’s too snug adjust the router fence accordingly and remove more of the sidewalls of the dovetail (male). Also, when making the dovetail (male), the height of the bit will determine if it contacts the bottom of the dovetailed channel; this is easier to get right then the side to side fit of the dovetail (the bit should be slightly lower than what is used to make the dovetail channel). After the dovetail fits nicely with a test fit, the remaining side supports can be removed.

If you make these and find them useful, please let me know.  Also ask me any questions if anything isn’t clear.



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