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Furniture Design Rant

Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

I knew a professor as a post-doc, that was only interested in your new drug designs if your synthesis utilized his synthetic methodologies (*process for making the drug). For him, drug discovery was more about the chemistry you used to make the drug than the drug itself. I always found this odd and saw it as a problem.

I see a parallel when it comes to making furniture. There appears to be a lot of woodworkers that are more interested in showcasing a particular joint than they are in the overall design of the piece. Have you ever come across a piece of furniture with beautiful hand-cut dovetails that looks boring or lacks imagination as a whole? Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I see it routinely. Like the professor at the beginning of my rant, some are more interested in showcasing their hand cut dovetails or intricate joinery than the overall look of the final product.

This is where I hope to improve as I grow – by improving my skills as a good furniture designer; I’m NOT where I want to be yet. I’ve made a few design duds along the way that look good in CAD, but lose their appeal in real life.

This is a topic that I wish was more extensively covered in print media; not articles regurgitating Fibonacci numbers or making designs first from cardboard (trial and error), but practical design methodologies. Are you listening “print media”?

Panel Bed Design

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Last week I finished designing a bed for the guest room in our home.  This will be my fourth bed build, but the first time I’ve used panels in a bed.

My wife played a big part in the design and requested that the design have a low-profile footboard.  The footboard will be the same height and width as the side rails that join the footboad to the headboard. We also decided to not use a boxspring (like my last bed design) and will use slats to support the mattress directly.

For lumber I will use mahogany which was supposed to be purchased today, but snow put an end to a lumber run.



Sewing Box

Saturday, October 8th, 2016

I started designing a sewing box for my wife. The idea, so far, is for the spools to slide onto dowels and for the ‘spool assembly’ to slide forward from the lid to remove/replace the spools.  The trick will be to prevent the ‘spool assembly’ from sliding out as the lid is raised; this might require a locking mechanism of some type.

I’m going to use cherry for this project and box joints will hold the box together.