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Adjustable Mouth Krenov-style Plane Finished

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

This was my third time making a Krenov-style plane, but my first time incorporating an adjustable mouth into one.  These are always a lot of fun to make and also very enjoyable to use.  They admittedly  take a little practice to learn how to use them properly, but once you get the gist you’ll find yourself reaching for them instead of your steel planes.

I plan on having the build video ready for this Friday and I hope you’ll give it a look.


Sewing Box Progress

Monday, October 24th, 2016

Over the weekend, I made a respectable amount of progress on my wife’s sewing box.  I made the lid panel from a leftover piece of curly maple which was re-sawn and glued together in a book-match.  I pre-finished the panel before gluing together the lid frame; this will make finishing easier later.

I still need to finish the thread spool supports which will be inserted into their respective grooves inside the lid.  I will also be making a tray to go inside the box which will be removable.

So far I’m pretty pleased with my progress.  Almost there.



Sewing Box

Saturday, October 8th, 2016

I started designing a sewing box for my wife. The idea, so far, is for the spools to slide onto dowels and for the ‘spool assembly’ to slide forward from the lid to remove/replace the spools.  The trick will be to prevent the ‘spool assembly’ from sliding out as the lid is raised; this might require a locking mechanism of some type.

I’m going to use cherry for this project and box joints will hold the box together.