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Scraper Sharpening: New Method

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

See the demo video

I use my card scrapers quite a bit. From removing mill marks, scratches/defects and even removing finish.

One of the things that I constantly delay is sharpening my card scrapers; it’s a chore. I think part of the problem was my method for sharpening. So after a little thought I came up with a different way to create the burr on the edge of the scraper by using a little piece of scrap wood.

Burnisher Tool:

The hole for the burnisher I created was 3/8″, which was the diameter of my burnisher.  The rabbet I created in the burnisher tool probably isn’t really necessary. Originally I was going to have the hole for the burnisher closer to the inside of the rabbet. The ledge created by the rabbet would then create a nice ramp for the scraper to ride on before making contact with the burnisher. This will make more sense after watching the video.


My Paring Chisels

Friday, November 20th, 2015

I recently ordered two Narex paring chisels from Lee Valley.  I bought the 3/4″ and the 1/2″ variety.  I was tempted to buy the entire set but I’m not sure this is necessary for paring chisels.  I received the 1/2″ several days ago but I had to return it because the ferrule was loose.  I called Lee Valley and they sent me a replacement lickety split.  If you’ve never ordered from Lee Valley let me tell you that their customer service is top notch.  I’ve gotten a couple duds from them over the years (out of MANY orders) and I’ve never had a problem exchanging the defective item.

I sharpened my new paring chisels by first flattening the entire back on 220 grit sandpaper supported by a flat granite surface plate.  I next polished the first 1/2″ of the back by using a 1000 grit waterstone, followed by a 4000 and finally 8000 grit.   I also polished the tip of the bevel using the same waterstones.  The backs might need a little more polishing, but they are sharp enough now to skin a mule deer 🙂

I’m anxious to put these to use!

001 002

Hip to be square!

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

I ordered a few square rubber tiles from for the space in front of and behind my table saw.  I also purchased three squares for the region directly in front of my jointer.  I did this for two reasons: to reduce fatigue and to prevent dropped tools from being destroyed/damaged.  I am so glad I did this!  What a huge difference this makes walking on them.  This is something I wished I did a long time ago.

I ordered four more squares today because I forgot about the area in front of my drill press.  Those will be here in a few days!

002a 003a