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Edison Lamp Finished

Sunday, November 1st, 2015

I finished my Edison Lamp today.  The project had a few challenges which made for a fun and interesting project.  The method for wiring the bulb sockets was one of those challenges and I think I came up with a nice solution.  The two lamp cords go into a block of walnut with a wide channel cut into it which served as a great place to make the electrical connections.


A cord goes into the back top rail and turns to one of the sides and inside a groove.  The groove was covered with wood strips (inlayed) in order to keep the cord in the channel.  If this doesn’t make sense it will after you watch the video series.

I hope to have part 2 of the build video released early this week.

Top it Off

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Tonight I finished the top for my Edison Lamp.  I made a deep chamfer on the left and right side of the top by tilting my saw blade and clamping the top to a 90 degree support. Slice

Most of the woodworking is finished. I still need to make a slot in the back of one side for the electrical and hang the lamps.


Dry Assembly

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

I finished the joinery tonight for the Edison Lamp.  I’m using floating tenons for the joinery and I have all of the mortises completed.  I also made the loose tenon stock and performed a dry assembly (no glue on the joints yet).  It is really cool to see a design from a computer model suddenly take shape in three dimensions.

Next I’ll start on the top, lower shelf and the wiring.  Looking good.