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Edison Lamp Dry

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

I finished the sides of the Edison lamp yesterday which are made from 5/4 walnut.  Because the sides are so wide (8″), I had to overhang my 6″ jointer by 2″ (math is hard!).  The 2″ ledge that is left by the jointer had to be leveled to the face jointed portion with a hand plane.  My Krenov handmade plane worked great here.

jointer  Sides

I next worked on the rails which include two short upper and two longer lower rails.  The sides are splayed by 3 degrees so this can get a little tricky when measuring for the length of the rails.

Dry Assembly of the Lamp – No Mortises yet for Loose TenonsEdison_Lamp_dry

Next up is joinery and for this I will be using floating tenons.

Edison Lamp

Friday, October 16th, 2015

It’s time for a little bit of an “artsy” piece for me. Tomorrow I start work on my ‘Edison Lamp’. A floor standing, double pendant lamp with Thomas Edison-style bulbs and a shelf. I’ve been wanting to do something with Edison bulbs for a while now and I finally have a design. I hope you like. I plan on posting my progress here as I go. The video will most likely be in 2-parts.

Edison bulbs are not very bright and produce more of a mood lighting.

What are your thoughts on the design?