About Garage Woodworks
GarageWoodworks (GW) first came on-line in January of 2006 and has always strived to be a great resource for woodworkers. We offer free woodworking videos on a range of woodworking topics which include full project builds and jig/fixture making. The free videos will often be accompanied with a free SketchUp file that can be used to extract dimensions and help to visualize the project.
Aside from the plethora of free woodworking goodies that we provide, we also have physical woodworking projects for sale and, highly detailed project plans. Our most recent endeavor is our GW League page within our website where we are offering very detailed project videos which are accompanied with elaborate plans. The GW League is a paid offering, however the build videos are significantly more detailed than our free project videos.

About Brian Grella
Brian has a B.S. degree in chemistry from Old Dominion University and a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University. For those that are unsure what medicinal chemistry is, it's the the study of 'drug design' and it encompasses synthetic organic chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology (for a list of his publications). His background in medicinal chemistry includes working on developing potential Alzheimer's and oncology treatments as well as studying hallucinogenic agents to name a few.

Brian's woodworking journey began back in 2002 when his wife asked him to install a few pieces of molding in a house they were living in at the time. Brian naively bought an inexpensive contractor-style table saw for the job when a miter saw would have been adequate. Afterward, his woodworking interest and tool collection started to grow.

Aside from woodworking, Brian also enjoys astronomy and you can view a few of his astrophotography photos here: astronomy page. Brian has also started selling a few of his favorite photos here.