Cherry Blanket Chest

Construction Details

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  • Dimensions of the front of the blanket chest.
  • Dimensions for the side of the blanket chest.
  • The vertical lines on the two panel dividers will be inlayed with ebony.
  • Routing of the dividers for the ebony inlay. I used a 1/8" downcut spiral bit.
  • Two shims that were used to get the required spacing for the inlay.
  • Sizing the ebony inlay strips.  I used a piece of scrap wood that was cut at 90° to rest the chisel on while slicing very small pieces off. (In this picture the stile on the right being used to clamp the workpiece was a practice piece.)
  • See a video where I demonstarte this process.
  • Routing of the mortises for the floating tenons.
  • Glue-up of the front section.
  • The slats will be attached using Loose Mortise and Tenon joinery.
  • I mortised the ends of all the rails using a 1/4" upcut spiral bit and used my mortising jig (see Mortise fixture 3.0).
  • The panels are made from 1/2" solid cherry and are beveled on the inside so that they can fit into the 1/4" groove of the rails.
  • The bottom of the blanket chest was made from tongue and groove cedar and rests on ledgers that are glued and screwed to the inside of the bottom rails. For extra strength I added a center floor support that spans the width of the chest. This was attached to the ledgers using pocket screws.
  • Finished blanket chest.