Cherry Dining Table

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  • Glue-up of table frame.  Mortise and loose tenon construction.  The legs are made from 12/4 cherry and measure 2.8" at the top and taper down to 1.8" at the bottom.
  • The legs are tapered on the two inside faces only.
  • Close-up of one of the legs.  I used a core box bit in the router table to produce the wrap around cove at the top of the legs.
  • The blue tape helps prevent glue squeeze out from getting on the wood.
  • Glue-up of table top.  Eight cherry boards 5 1/4" wide were glued together with a thickness of 7/8". 
  • The glue-up was done in stages.  First I glued the center four boards then after 24hrs I glued on two boards on each of the two sides.
  • Finished with several coats of wipe-on polyurethane.  No stain was used.  Finished the finish by buffing lightly by hand with a slurry of 4F pumice and water.
  • I am showing off the grain of the table top in this picture.  The top came out looking better than I thought it wood! 
  • There are a few dark spots (pitch pockets) that look like little raisins in the grain that at first I didn't like, but after the finish was applied they look awesome!
  • Just another angle here.
  • Showing off the wrap around cove.