Blender for Woodworkers

I will be launching a class in January February 2021 on how to use Blender for woodworkers. Blender is free software and is incredibly powerful when it comes to rendering CAD images; including performing complex animation. In my opinion (and I'm not alone), Blender's rendering prowess is on par with Pixar.

This class will be geared specifically for woodworkers. You will learn how to add textures, lights, reflections and shadows to your furniture CAD render images. You will be able to render incredibly high definition CAD model images and videos that are sure to impress your clients and friends. I will field any questions you have to the best of my ability.

What will you need?

  • You will need to know how to currently use CAD software (i.e. SketchUp) — nothing complex, but know how to make simple designs. The models designed in CAD will be used in Blender for the final touches.

  • You will need to install Blender on a desktop computer along with CAD software (preferably SketchUp — the free version is fine)

When will the class be available?

  • The class will be available sometime in January February of 2021. If you'd like to be notified when the class starts, show your interest by signing up below and I'll let you know when it starts.

How much will the class cost?

  • I haven't decided how much the tuition will be, but it will not be expensive.

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