Arts and Crafts Bed in Cherry

Project Plans and Construction Details

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  • 6/05/09  Finished the design of the bed.  It will be made from cherry.
  • Foot and head board dimensions. The slats in the head and footboard are the same size and are 5/8" thick. The upper and lower rails (denoted A and B) are 1" thick.
  • Side view dimensions.
  • 6/20/09  Finished working on the legs for the bed.


  • 6/27/09  I finished the curves in all of the slats and the curve in the footboard bottom rail.  The curve in the slats were first cut at the bandsaw close to the template line.  The curves were then finished at the router table using a cradle jig that contains the template for the curve.  
  • 6/27/09 I also finished the P inlay on the footbaord center 6" wide slat. This was my first attempt at an inlay that did not involve using an inlay kit. It was harder than I thought it would be.
  • I was unhappy with the way the inlay turned out and will NOT include it in the final product.
  • The slats will be attached using Loose Mortise and Tenon joinery.
  • I mortised the ends of all the slats using a 1/4" upcut spiral bit and used my mortising jig (see Mortise fixture 3.0).
  • 7/03/09  I am finished with the headboard and footboard .  I still need to work on the long side rails and apply the finish.
  • 7/04/09  Inlayed the hardware for the long rails that join the headboard and footboard.
  • 7/05/09  Finished with all of the woodworking. All that is left is to apply a durable finish that can take the abuse of a 3-year old kid.
  • Finished with 3 coats of polyurethane (hvlp).