Cherry Television Stand

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  • Dimensions: 50.25" long, 21.75" tall by 22.25" deep.
  • CAD drawing of the stand with no shelves (the lower two compartments will contain shelves).
  • Side panel grain will actually run vertical NOT horizontal as pictured.
  • Sides will be made from solid cherry flat panels.  I usually use plywood panels for an application like this, but I thought I would take things up a notch!
  • CAD drawing of the front view.  (back removed for clarity).
  • 5/31/08  Purchased all required lumber for the project, minus the back which will be 1/4" cherry plywood.
  • 6/07/08  Milled the lumber for the legs and rails.  Tomorrow I will mortise the legs and the rails for the floating tenons.  If all goes well I will do a dry fit for panel measurements. 
  • 6/10/08  Dry fit of main carcass assembly.  The side panels are made from 4-pieces of cherry that are book matched (first time doing this).   The blue pieces of tape remind me which side is to be on the outside.
  • 6/11/08 Completed first subassembly.  Glued-up the sides today.  To make finishing easier, I pre-finished the panels.
  • 6/12/08 Completed the glue-up of the main carcass assembly
  • 6/14/08 Cut out the shelves (3/4" cherry ply) and ledgers.  I also glued the shelves to the ledgers and installed the center divider which sits in a dado in the top and bottom shelves..  The white paste is Waxilit, which makes glue clean up significantly easier.
  • 6/15/08 Glue-up of the top.  Four cherry boards 5-3/4" wide.
  • 6/17/08  Finished with three coats of a blend of 2 parts Minwax "Tung Oil Finish" and 1 part pure tung oil.
  • A rabbet is ready in the back to receive the 1/4" cherry ply (not on yet).
  • The panels are made from four book matched flat cherry panels.  This was my first time book matching.